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Tony Anverdi's magic effects were so innovative and groundbreaking, that many effects are still being sold today.

But with incredible advancements in modern technology... how would Anverdi update his products if he was still alive?

Murphy’s Magic is proud to re-introduce Anverdi’s incredible effects to a new generation of magicians, while incorporating contemporary hi-tech features.

Join us on this exciting journey, as we explore the legacy of a genius.

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Anverdi's creations flourished in the 1960s & 1970s. This was partially due to his performance at the 1961 FISM in Switzerland, his lecture at 1964 FISM in Barcelona, and the publication of his groundbreaking book "50 Years of Magical Creations".

Although his catalog of creations is quite lengthy, some of Anverdi's more popular effects include; COLOR MATCH, MENTAL DIE, KEY BOX, SPIRIT BELL, TALKING SKULL, SURPRISE BOX, WONDER RING and FLOATING DIE.

The rights to the complete Anverdi catalog were finally purchased by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc. in September of 2010 (to present day).

Murphy's Magic has produced the most up-to-date and innovative version of Anverdi's legendary effect.


You hand out a single die. Even though your back is turned, you know with 100% confidence which number has been chosen on the die. This classic effect has been 100% upgraded with today's modern technology and materials

Each die only measures 0.625 inches/1.58Centimeters


That's right! This new receiver can be used with a single die (included) AND it also contains a newly coded vibration system! This new system allows you to receive individual, tactile signals to be used in place of the receiver included with Anverdi's Mental Dice Set!
  • This receiver contains all the latest remote technology.
  • Tactile Notification
  • Adjustable Vibration levels (Soft / Medium / hard) to adapt to any environment
  • On/Off light and Charging notification light

Murphy's Magic has produced the most up-to-date and innovative version of Anverdi's legendary effect.


You hand out three dice, each of a different color. Even though your back is turned, you will know with 100% accuracy which number has been chosen on each die. This classic effect has been completely upgraded with the most technology and materials. Now includes standard looking "gaming" dice and wireless charging, plus many other technological upgrades.

Each die only measures 0.625 inches/1.58Centimeters


No need to purchase new dice, or send them back when the charge runs out!

EACH die is equipped with the most advanced wireless charging technology, and power level indicator... perfect for on-the-go performers.

Just pop them on the charging platform for 5-15min and you can use them for approximately 800 performances.


The large screen display is easy to read yet the compact size is easy to hide, even behind your finger! You can use your die 40 feet from the receiver, depending on conditions.

The sophisticated receiver has been designed from the ground up so you have the confidence to amaze your audiences EVERY Time.

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The in-depth tutorials include everything you need to know about your Mental Dice, PLUS 7 amazing routines to get you started that go WAY beyond the normal, “I can guess the number on your die”.

In addition to the BASIC routine, you will learn 6 amazing routines and performances such as:
  • A routine where the spectator rolls the die, and randomly selects several food items... but somehow you have incredibly pre-purchased EVERY item THEY selected.
  • A chair test where not only can you reveal their numbers, but you have predicted WHAT chair they will sit in.
  • A FREE WILL routine where you predict exactly where each color die will be placed.
  • ACAAN where the freely selected card ends up at the position rolled by the dice.
  • A MENTAL EPIC style routine that uses NO FORCING.
PLUS: A special EXCLUSIVE bonus look into Anverdi’s original Mental Die with Chuck Caputo, the leading historian on Anverdi.


"AMAZING! I can see so many possibilities with this!"
-Shin Lim

"OMG! This feels like it was developed by Steve Jobs!"
- Richard Sanders

"Your jaw will drop the moment you remove the lid off the box. And when you start playing with this incredible product - your jaw will drop again!! The design - from packaging to product, is amazing!"
- Menny Lindenfeld

"I'm an absolute zero-prop guy especially when it comes to electronics in mentalism, yet, here I am. To say that; Anverdi's Mental Dice kick ass. Everything has been thoroughly thought out. Everything! I am deeply impressed. A must-buy for the working pro. "
- Phedon Bilek

"Anverdi is one of mentalism's often overlooked pioneers. Creating methods that were years ahead of his time. It's fantastic to see Murphys Magic Supplies reintroduce these wonderful items to the community and give credit to the original creator, Andverdi. It is also thrilling to see them push the effects and technology to the next level with innovation that is as cutting edge today as Anverdi himself was in his time. Mental Dice will offer the astute performer an endless number of high-impact, direct mind reading routines that will astonish and entertain. "
-Luke Jermay

"The packaging alone is more deceptive than most magic products. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that every single magician or mentalist in the world will absolutely love this. It's a KILLER!"

"When I heard rumors about Anverdi's Mental Dice being available, but on another level, I jumped on a plane to Greece for a private demonstration. I kept saying throughout the demonstration, "Wow, wow and wow!" It is truly incredible, so many possibilities. So useable and so unbelievably affordable! X wants to buy them all for himself."
- Marc Spelmann & 'X'

"I have owned every electronic dice I can get my hands on. THIS takes the gold. It will be going straight into my everyday carry."
- Marc Lavelle

"I have a passion for electronics, my collection in technological mentalism and magic is huge. This is the best mental dice I have ever seen; I can't think of anything that would make this better."
- Titanas

"Tony Anverdi-Mental Dice is a technologically powerful and natural tool that, in the correct hands and minds, can facilitate beautiful moments of magic and mentalism. It looks like it should, and the level of engineering is Elon Musk-level."
- Pablo Amira

"I have rarely seen a trick as strong as Anverdi's Mental Dice. With this, you will have a miracle in your hands wherever you go. Thank you, Mr. Anverdi, for the genius of Mental Dice!"
- JP Vallarino

"Murphy's Magic has evolved Anverdi's Mental Dice to the James Bond level! Very well thought out, ESPECIALLY the packaging! I GUARANTEE, you will start screaming the moment you unbox it! Get this, and you will feel very proud you own it!!."
- Finix Chan

"Everything about this release is next level. The tech, the natural props, the wireless recharge and so much more. As someone who has played with everything on the market I am blown away!"
- Bro Gilbert

"I can't believe the size of the dice. They look so real and I can wirelessly charge them? Are you kidding me?? All this for $295? I'll have 2 please!"
- Luca Volpe

"Anverdi's Mental Dice from Murphy's is a true piece of magical artistry. The unboxing is an experience in itself... Best I have ever seen! "
- Mark Southworth

"These dice have more technology than Apollo 11 that landed on the moon, Anverdi must have been a time traveler."
- Tobias Dostal