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Duly Noted by Danny Weiser
Here is a brilliant effect that's really clever and really different. THIS CAN BE A DIFFERENT CARD EVERY TIME. THE CUSTOM-BUILT GIMMICK WORKS IN ANY LANGUAGE. A prediction written on a Sticky Note is shown to your spectator. It reads, "YOU WILL SELECT THE 4 OF DIAMONDS." The Sticky Note is stuck on the card box. The deck is removed from the box. You claim that they will select the exact card that is written on the Sticky Note. A card is selected and shown. It does not match your prediction. It's not even close! LET'S SAY THEY SELECTED THE 2 OF CLUBS. The Sticky Note with the WRONG CARD written on it is peeled from the box. The magician slowly waves the sticky note over their selection. The Sticky Note is now handed to the spectator. It now reads, "YOU WILL SELECT THE 2 OF CLUBS." THE WRITTEN PREDICTION ACTUALLY CHANGES!!
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