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dvpersonalitydib ) 
R: $12.00
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Effect: 3 cards on which are written 3 different personal traits of human beings are shown. They are then handed over to a spectator & thoroughly mixed by him. Next the spectator is instructed to form a face down row on the table in any manner so that no one knows the location of any particular card. The mentalist now hands over a writing slate to the spectator & asks him to write down one of these characteristics on the slate. Saying so, the mentalist puts on a blindfold. The spectator writes down one of these traits on the slate & places the slate face down on the table. The performer's blindfold is now removed & he instructs the spectator to point to any of the 3 face down cards on the table. The performer's selected card & the slate are now both turned face up & the traits written on them are found to be exact matches!

Key points to this effect:
  • Everything can be examined both before and after the effect.
  • No angle issues.
  • Spectator's writing is never seen till the time the spectator himself shows his writing. No Peeking, No Centre Tear, No Impression device, No Stooges involved.
  • No equivoque or force in regards to selection of cards.