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"This is one beautiful routine. (Of course, pretty much everything looks great in Eric's hands.There is a reason he is becoming so well known.) This routine is designed from beginning to end to be a very visual display of magic. And, I know this will take some practice, everything flows smoothly and quickly from one phase to the next." -The Magic Portal, Reviewer

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A sandwich routine with a killer surprise ending!

Eric Jones has an eye for creating easy to understand routines, chock full of visual, potent magical moments. Routines that are modular, linear and devastating to a lay audience. Harlequin is an example of this school of thought. Within you will find a great mix of old and new magic from Eric's working arsenal--it will definitely find its way into yours.

A card is selected and lost into the pack. It is found just a moment later sandwiched between two ungimmicked Jokers. The sandwich then instantly changes to a royal flush. Eric will go over each phase of this beautiful routine in complete detail.

Can be done with a borrowed deck
Learn New work on Eric's Famous Ishkabibble Sandwich

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