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DEALERS, Welcome To The Apprentice Line.

Classic magic tricks redesigned to target today's burgeoning magicians of 9-14 year-olds.

Apprentice Magic Tricks are a high-quality line of 20+ time tested effects for the beginning magician.

Each effect comes with detailed online instructions and a story...
so you will astound your friends and family with your special powers.

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See How Magic Has Changed Their Lives

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  • Make Money Double Instantly
  • Predict Time
  • Have X-Ray Vision
  • Make Money and Jewels Mysteriously Disappear and Appear
  • Turn Paper Into Money
  • ... And so much more!

TOP 7 reasons you will love the Apprentice line of products:

1. Minimal investment + tiered pricing = make 72% profit on most tricks!

2. Impulse retail pricing (under $10 each) and Minimum Advertised Price Protected, so the prices won't be discounted.

3. Full presentation stories included = not just demo'ing the trick, instead they learn how to perform the trick the proper way to get amazing reactions = new customers

4. Detailed video instructions: including secret to making the trick work, gimmick overview, handlings, performance and the effect's "story". (No more fumbling with a boring piece of paper to learn the effect.)

5. Easy to learn, easy to perform. Time tested classics with a new approach.

6. Eye-catching, visual packaging, that even includes a hang tag.

7. Expansive line of products to choose from. 20+ tricks in the Apprentice line. Once you sell one, you will sell more.

Astound your friends and family with your special powers.

Give the gift of magic, and share this incredible craft with others. Perfect gifts for the holidays,
birthdays and anyone you want to make smile.