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Mystery Solved Nest of Boxes by David Penn
MSNEST )  Trick
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Recommended and performed by top magicians. Mystery Solved is one of the most brilliant creations from David Penn. To build on that success, we worked with David and proudly presented The Mystery Solved 2.0 2 years ago and received great reviews from magicians all over the world.

Today, based on Mystery Solved 2.0, David Penn has brought new life to a classic effect with a modern twist.

"I have always loved the nest boxes effect, but I wanted to create a version, perfect for closeup and for parlor, that takes this classic plot in magic, to the next level."
- David Penn

For the first time ever, with the mystery solved nest of boxes, it means that you can clearly show all of the boxes empty. You can then assemble the nest of boxes and leave it in full view of your audience. At the conclusion of your routine, the spectator's signed card can then materialize inside. This happens under impossible conditions; it gives your act a natural beginning and an end....and it frames your performance elegantly.

Each Nest of Boxes set includes two wooden boxes made from the finest North American walnut. Its precision engineered and perfectly balanced, and finally hand-finished by craftsmen.

It also comes complete with Mystery Solved 2.0, which you can naturally use for the amazing Nest of Boxes effect. But you can also use it separately. The choice is yours.

The portable size also enables you to easily carry it around.

This is sure to become a new modern classic with a homage to the past.