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SenseTag by João Miranda and Julio Montoro
Product Image


From the creative minds of João Miranda and Julio Montoro arrives SenseTag.

This effect is a modern take on the classic object to impossible location, where a coin or wedding ring vanishes and reappears inside a GPS tracking device, that is attached to the magician keys.

Thanks to the ingenious loading device the secret action happens in less than 2 seconds.

SenseTag was designed and built from the ground-up and took João Miranda's Team over 2 years to perfect.

SenseTag works with any coin / ring up to 23.25 mm in diameter and 2.33 mm in thickness.

What do you get?
  • Custom designed GPS tracking shell, designed from the ground-up
  • Loading device that makes the effect super easy to perform.
  • Extra accessories
Elevate your magic with a groundbreaking fusion of classical magic and cutting-edge technology.