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TBC Box 2 UNGIMMICKED BOX ONLY by Luca Volpe, Paul McCaig and Alan Wong
Product Image


This is a dummy - The ordinary matching normal box that exactly looks the same as the TBC Box 2.0 but without the gimmick panel.

We now have this matching normal box dummy for examination or mix with the TBC Box 2.0 into their show.

For example, a good way to use this normal box is to be able to hand this out into the audience for collecting pieces of paper, Q&A etc, or have it sitting innocently on the table to collect their name cards then proceed to use the gimmick box in the show. It looks exactly the same and adds a significant layer of convincer and deception just because it is there for the discerning audience and the meticulous performer. Perfect if you already own the TBC Box 2.0!