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Artistic Chop cup and balls (Brass) by TCC
Product Image


"Amazing! Unmatched quality!"
- Michael Ammar

We have finally achieved the ideal chop cup for a cup set. For the first time ever, the magnet is invisibly built into the cup.

The Artistic Chop Cup and Balls come in an elegant protective box that has become synonymous with TCC Magic products. Opening the box is reminiscent of unboxing high-end flagship smartphones, providing exquisite packaging for both collection and display.

Each set of Artistic Chop Cup and Balls includes:
  • 1 chop cup 
  • 3 balls: 1 gimmicked ball and 2 regular balls
  • A blue flannelette fabric
  • Height: 75 mm
  • Cup diameter (outside): 79 mm
  • Cup diameter (inside): 68.5 mm
  • Cup top diameter: 42 mm
  • Weight (single cup): 365 g
Please note that this product does not come with a tutorial.