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by Mechanic Industries
Mechanic Industries has done it again! This can be used with your Optricks Deck, or by itself – it's so visual you have to watch the trailer to see all you can do with it. 

Difficulty: No Skill Required

Featured US Dealer: The Magic Warehouse
Featured International Dealer: Piper Magic
by Jambor
A HUGE hit at Magic Live! Everything comes ready to use out of the box – no DIY. This visual, fun balancing trick can use borrowed items.  
Difficulty: Beginner

Featured US Dealer: Hocus Pocus
Featured International Dealer: Vanishing Inc.
by Magik Time and Alex Aparicio
Bite a piece of gum in half only to restore it back just by blowing on it.
Difficulty: Beginner

Featured US Dealer: Big Guy's Magic
Featured International Dealer: magicshop
by Adam Borderline
Limited to only 2,500.  Printed on crushed stock by USPCC all in a deep black and grey with popping red features. Matte tuck printed on the outside and inside with embossing and a custom seal.
Difficulty: No Skill Required

Featured US Dealer: The Magic Box
Featured International Dealer: Merchant Of Magic
by John Carey
video download
"John is an alchemist; he turns moves you already know into the miracles you've always wanted to do" - Kurtis Kam

Difficulty: Beginner
Featured US Dealer: MJM Magic
Featured International Dealer: Madanai Magic