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by Mickael Chatelain
LIGHT won over 650 professionals and amateurs at the Blackpool Magic Convention in 2019. A light bulb detects your spectator's freely selected and signed card and everything can be examined!
Difficulty: Intermediate

Featured US Dealer: Big Guy's Magic
Featured International Dealer: Vanishing Inc.
by Jerome Sauloup and Magic Dream
Sit back and become the spectator yourself as THEY perform the effect to each other with this hands-off routine.
Difficulty: No Skill Required

Featured US Dealer: RP Magic
Featured International Dealer: Merchant Of Magic
by Mark Elsdon
NO sleight of hand, NO outs, NO memory work. Your spectator shuffles and cuts the deck to select a card. Your prediction in full view the entire time matches! Use with social media for an extra kicker. 
Difficulty: Beginner

Featured US Dealer: Steven's Magic Global
Featured International Dealer: Pro-Illusionist
by SansMinds Creative Lab
Turn the deck into any small items you desire and it can all happen in your spectator's hands.
Difficulty: Beginner

Featured US Dealer: Uncle Chops Magic Shop
Featured International Dealer: Global Magic
by Derek Grimes
A collaboration between Derek Grimes, Daniel Schneider (Red Roses Playing Cards, Polyantha) and Luke Wadey (Mono-X, Typographic Playing Cards).
Printed by USPCC on Crushed Premium stock and traditionally cut with an Air Cushion finish. Includes duplicate 3 of Hearts, duplicate Jokers, 6 custom court cards and a card reveal.

Difficulty: No Skill Required

Featured US Dealer: Hocus Pocus
Featured International Dealer: Dynamite Magic
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