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Diamond Cut Silks by Magic by Gosh -Trick
24 inch Diamond Cut Silks are perfect for all your silk effect needs. Cut to appear as long as a full-sized square silk but uses less material so it packs small. 100% silk.
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 ColorCutSizeItem CodeRetail
TurquoiseDiamond 24 inGOSILKDIAM24_TURQ$3.75
Purple Diamond24 inGOSILKDIAM24_PURPLE$4.25
TurquoiseDiamond24 inGOSILKDIAM24_PINK$4.25
White Diamond24 inGOSILKDIAM24_WHITE$4.50
BlackDiamond24 inGOSILKDIAM24_BLACK$4.25
OrangeDiamond24 inGOSILKDIAM24_ORANGE$4.25
GreenDiamond24 inGOSILKDIAM24_GREEN$4.25
BlueDiamond24 inGOSILKDIAM24_BLU$4.25
YellowDiamond24 inGOSILKDIAM24_YEL$4.25
RedDiamond24 inGOSILKDIAM24_RED$4.25
AssortedDiamond24 inGOSILKDIAM24_ASSORTED$50.00
GreenDiamond36 inGOSILKDIAM36_GREEN$10.00
BlueDiamond36 inGOSILKDIAM36_BLUE$10.00
OrangeDiamond36 inGOSILKDIAM36_ORANGE$10.00
BlackDiamond36 inGOSILKDIAM36_BLK$10.00
RedDiamond36 inGOSILKDIAM36_RED$10.00
WhiteDiamond36 inGOSILKDIAM36_WHITE$10.00
YellowDiamond36 inGOSILKDIAM36_YELLOW$10.00
PinkDiamond36 inGOSILKDIAM36_PINK$10.00
VioletDiamond36 inGOSILKDIAM36_VIOLET$10.00