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PASSWORD by Mariano Goni
R: $60.00

Your own video prediction system, using your spectator's phone that promotes your social media. 100% customizable. They can name anything and when they enter your Instagram or Facebook account, they find a Youtube or Vimeo video of you showing their selected item. No accomplices, no voice recognition, no app, no forcing, all languages supported.
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"I can see how performers of phone magic will love Password as will their spectators. It is quite amazing to pull up a pre-recorded video of a freely chosen item. Pulling off a video prediction makes any mentalism effect fry on nuclear heat." -Straight Talk Magic, Reviewer

Full Review
"If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million."

Step up your predictions with video, using "PASSWORD"!

Once you set up your panel, you can perform without your phone.

Ask your spectator to name, point or write any option. Then they enter your web page or Instagram, only to find a video on Youtube or Vimeo - with you holding or showing the desired object!

  • No accomplice.
  • No voice recognition.
  • No app - access from your browser.
  • Never touch your phone (can be dead).
  • Password can be always the same.
  • Password can be in plain sight from the start.
  • No forcing -- any option can be named.
  • Extreme customization -- integrate on your own website.
  • Link can be placed on your Instagram or Facebook account to harvest followers!
  • Trick can be performed at the same time for 20+ spectators -- they all see the video.
  • The video is on your Youtube account, with the correct date, uploaded long ago.
  • No CGI. The video can be as long as you want.
  • All languages supported.
This is propless mentalism of the XXI Century. The limit is your imagination!

You are in control of the system and can change the outcome to ANYTHING you can imagine.

Comes ready to perform with predefined videos!

  • Access to a computer for the setup.
  • Youtube or Vimeo account.
  • Understanding of the English language.
  • Knowledge of "copy/paste."