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The Vault - Phosphorus by Victor Sanz video DOWNLOAD
dvaultphosphorus ) 
R: $10.00
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"As a fellow who has a fondness for walk-around, I'm always glad to find a quick trick I can add to my repertoire. This effect from Victor Sanz can, literally, be carried in a matchbox.. and doesn't require much to learn. I think most of you will find this an attractive addition, particularly if you enjoy playing with fire.." -Rick Carruth - The Magic Roadshow Journal, Reviewer

Full Review
Find the spectator's match without looking -- in only one second!

Victor Sanz shares his brilliant new interactive close-up miracle. A spectator picks a matchstick out of many and signs their name on it. They then put the signed match back in the box with the others and shake them all up. The magician takes the box back and, in one second, produces the signed lit match!

Everything can be examined before and after the effect.

Make the gimmick in less than 5 minutes.

Easy to perform.

Download the video and learn this amazing effect!