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The Vault - Chameleon Pieces by Woody Aragon video DOWNLOAD
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"The skill level is not easy but far from hard. If you can do an Elmsley Count and a double lift you will be fine. You will need a couple of gaffs but they are easy to find. I could see this playing very well and it is a lot of bang for five bucks." -Norman Beck, M-U-M Magazine
An incredible and highly visual revelation of 4 spectators' chosen cards!

Four cards are chosen and lost in the deck. Woody removes a card - unfortunately, it is NOT one of the 4 selections. What happens next has to be seen to be believed. Woody rips the card into 4 pieces, and with a magical blow, the pieces change to the first spectator's card. He then squeezes the pieces and they magically change to the second spectator's card.

But it doesn't stop there!!! A gentle shake and the pieces morph into the third spectator's card. The pieces change one last time into the final spectator's card. THEN the pieces fuse together, making the card whole again so the spectators can examine it!

Note: This effect will require some simple gimmicks that you may already have. If not, you can purchase them easily and cheaply from your favorite dealer.

Download the video and learn this powerful effect!