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The Vault - CHINK-A-CHINK Elements by Patricio Terán video DOWNLOAD
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"I sincerely hope you'll consider buying this download. I think you'll really enjoy performing this for your friends, fellow magicians, and your audience. There's no doubt they'll see you in a different light, a good light, and you don't have to tell them you learned it all from a nineteen dollar video..." -Rick Carruth, Magic Roadshow Journal of Magic , Reviewer
"The best Matrix I have ever seen! I thought my eyes were malfunctioning."
- Richard Sanders

After ten years of keeping his routines underground, Patricio Terán, the Matrix specialist, brings you his legendary handlings of the Chink-a-Chink plot.

You will learn three wonderful routines, complete with all of the subtle elements that will transform your Matrix into a miracle.

These incredible effects are explained step by step with the best quality video and the best possible teacher.

If you have ever wanted to do a hyper visual Matrix with 4 different objects, download this today!

"If you had powers, this is what your Matrix would look like!"
- Felix Boden

"I have fallen in love with your Matrix."
- Sergey Koller

"Patricio Terán takes the Matrix plot to a whole new level! Can't wait to learn it right now!"
- Henry Harrius