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The Trick That CAN Be Explained! by Mark Elsdon
R: $29.95

Based on Dai Vernon's "More Inner Secrets of Card Magic". Your prediction in full view the entire time matches!
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"There will be those of you who will make this a staple in your act. The ending is a stunner and something you'll want to do over and over. I hope, if you buy Mark's effect, you'll be one of those guys." -Rick Carruth - The Magic Roadshow, Reviewer
The performer introduces a small envelope and says that there is a playing card inside. He places the envelope on the table and never touches it again.

A participant takes the deck out of the box and shuffles it. Then they cut the deck and the top card is immediately turned over. It is, for example, the 7 of Spades. The deck is turned face-up and clearly spread to show that there are no duplicates.

The participant opens the envelope and removes the card inside. It is a perfect match - the 7 of Spades.

AND THERE ARE NO OTHER OUTS - the card in the envelope is ALWAYS the card they choose!

NO sleight-of-hand required. This literally is as easy as it gets!

Alternative endings: You can have a photo of the card posted on your Twitter feed, Instagram or other social media. Or you can WhatsApp or message them at the start and they check the message at the end.