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Word Up by Vinny Sagoo
WORDUP )  Trick
R: $19.95

A spectator mentally selects a word from from a word search shown on a plastic card. Suddenly the word they were thinking of magically disappears from the front of the card...and appears as the ONLY word on the back.
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"It’s a great little effect that will really leave the spectator scratching their head. I like the way it has combined three elements of mind-reading, vanish of a word and the production of the word printed on the back of the card. " -Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine
Magic and Mind-Reading in One Effect!

Word Up is a completely unique effect, whereby the spectator mentally selects a word from a word search that is printed on a plastic card. The word that they are merely thinking of then vanishes. And what's more, it now appears on the back of the card! Your spectator will be literally blown away!

At this point, you can freely hand out the card for examination and show the alternative words.

"A beautiful piece of mentalism with a touch of magic. Very clever indeed."
- Peter Eggink