Magic Tricks Playing Cards
The Experience by Peter Turner
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Techniques and personal philosophies behind ACAAN, Pin Code Divinations, and Unexpected Phenomena.
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"If, however, you are interested in presenting organic-feeling mysteries that are believable and generate long-lasting stories for your audiences to tell, then this is a wonderful collection of tools and ideas. " -John Wilson, Magic Magazine
Peter Turner has very quickly established himself as one of the world's leading mentalists.

Due to his forward thinking and ability to design a beautiful premise behind a routine, he is in constant demand as a creative consultant, lecturer and entertainer.

This DVD will give you access to a fulfilling EXPERIENCE in which Peter reveals the techniques and his personal philosophies behind ACAAN, PIN CODE DIVINATIONS & UNEXPLAINED PHENOMENA.

Most of the material uses very little or is entirely prop-less meaning that you can add these as stand alone routines or use them to enhance your existing material. Sit back... relax... enjoy THE EXPERIENCE