Magic Tricks Playing Cards
Hustle (DVD and Gimmick) by Juan Manuel Marcos
R: $24.95

With only 7 cards in play, and in full view face up AND down, before AND after the performance. This “monte” routine has a twist that no one ever sees coming.
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"I LOVE THIS!! It fooled me just watching it and I couldn’t wait to learn it. It was one of the WTF type moments. " -Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine
The 'monte' routine has been the preferred weapon of street hustlers for ages. Now, comes the ultimate card hustle with a twist that no one ever sees coming.

Juan Marcos brings you a packet routine in which the spectator must simply follow their selected card amongst a face down ring of seven cards. To make it simple, you turn their selected card face up to make it crazy-easy to follow. In a massive, unexpected twist, EVERY OTHER CARD has now turned to their selected card, and their original selection is now the only losing card in the game.

With only 7 cards in play, they are in full view of the cards face up and down before and after the performance. Audiences have NOTHING when they try to figure this out.

It's a can't-lose, diabolical swindle that will shock every audience you perform for
  • Easy to learn, easy to do
  • Instant reset
  • No sleight of hand
  • Live performances included
  • Custom Bicycle gimmicked red Rider back cards included
Your ultimate hustle awaits. It's time to turn the monte routine inside out.