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Magic Live 2019

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Made with Magic Presents BLOW
by Juan Capilla

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Normally, in a transposition effect, you can't show the faces of the cards that are about to change -- but with BLOW, you can!!
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Jerry's Nuggets

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The most iconic deck of cards ever to be created.
Now Jerry's Nuggets Playing Cards are your EVERYDAY cards!
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Rejoined Express
by João Miranda Magic

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A visual and original restored effect like no other. It is a much
more organic and powerful effect than a classic torn and restored card effect because it seems totally impromptu! Learn more!

by Michel Huot

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The most attention-grabbing, fun piece of mentalism released
in years. It's easy to do and takes up virtually no pocket space.
It is an IDEAL opener for walk-around performers. Learn more!

Cherry Casino Fremonts
(Desert Inn Purple)

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The latest installment of the ever-popular Cherry Casino Playing
Card line. Experience a deck for yourself and appreciate the manufactured precision and stunning craftsmanship. Learn more!

by Menny Lindenfeld

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Animated Torn and Restored effect! Award-winning, international entertainer, Menny Lindenfeld, is back with another
truly mesmerizing and powerful visual effect. Learn more!

Perfect Shell Coin Set
by Tango Magic

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If you are going to perform with your own coins, why not use a Perfect Shell Set? This covers all of the coin, hiding
100 per cent of the coin inside! Learn more!

No Sense
by Kyle Littleton

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A coin effect of the finest caliber. Not only is the magic strong,
but it has a funny, modern presentation that highlights that
some coin effects can be non-sensical. Learn more!