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You display a SOLID ball and a clear plastic chamber. You ask a spectator to examine everything. You place the lid on the chamber and secure the lid with two rubber bands. You place the ball on top of the MAGIC CHAMBER! You cover it with a napkin and push the ball through the MAGIC CHAMBER! You lift the napkin the ball is now INSIDE THE CHAMBER!

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You present an opaque box and a cube with a different colored spot on each side. There is NO WAY to see through the box! You turn your back and ask a spectator to think of one of the colors and place it face up in the opaque box. The box is handed back to you and you can instantly tell what color they chose!

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You display an empty box. You tell the story of a special MYSTERY BOX where someone wished for money or candy or other small items. You open the MYSTERY BOX and show that the items that were merely wished for have magically appeared inside the MYSTERY BOX. The items can be handed out for inspection!

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