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You show a clear plastic chamber with a single die inside. You place the lid on top of the chamber and secure it down. You tell the story of a mysterious explosion. With a single shake of the chamber, the die EXPLODES and becomes EIGHT MINI DICE!

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You show a bottle and claim a Genii lives inside, but it is impossible to see him. You can prove he is there by placing a piece of rope into the bottle. THE GENII grabs the rope as you hold only the rope and the bottle is floating in air!! You ask THE GENII to let go of the rope and now the rope can be taken out of the bottle!

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You display a clear box, two lengths of rope and a ball. You take the two pieces or rope and run them through the ball, place the ball inside the clear box and tie the rope around the box. Your audience member is asked to hold on to both ends of the rope and PULL! Magically, the ball has ESCAPED FROM THE ROPES!

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Perfect For Kids' Gifts, Holidays, Goodie Bags And Party Upsells.
You ask an audience member to borrow a coin. You hold their signed coin in your hand and it VANISHES completely! You reach into your pocket and remove a 'Flying Saucer' that is wrapped with rubber bands! The specatator takes it apart. Inside the UFO is ANOTHER UFO! Inside the second UFO is a small Pouch! INSIDE THE POUCH IS THEIR SIGNED COIN!