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You take blank pieces of normal paper and place them into THE FORGER. When you turn the handle on the machine the blank pieces of paper VISUALLY change into REAL MONEY!

You can produce ANY currency with THE FORGER!

Perform Miracles Quickly And Easily.

Share The Laughter And Joy Of Magic.
You show four separate, solid rings of steel. You explain how you have the ability to break down atoms and pass a SOLID RING THROUGH ANOTHER SOLID RING, linking them together!! You do the same with the other two rings. You can even hand out the rings to show they have been linked together!

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Go into the future, the past and the present ALL AT THE SAME TIME! You take a playing card and place it in the glass door, next you take a pencil and shove it through the CARD AND GLASS DOOR! You then take the card out and show the card has been punctured yet the glass door has not been damaged in any way!

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Perfect For Kids' Gifts, Holidays, Goodie Bags And Party Upsells.
You show a very rare "red pearl" that is kept inside a beautiful vase.

A thief comes in during the night and steals the pearl and places it in his pocket. You, being the magician, snap your finger and show that the ball has vanished from the thief's pocket! Finally, you open the vase and show it has magically returned back where it belongs!