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Gilded Bartlett Transformation Playing Cards
CARDSBART_GLD )  Playing Cards
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Ackermann Bartlett 1818 Gilded Transformation Playing Cards USPCC

Brought to you by Playing Card Decks, experience the luxury of history with the Ackermann Bartlett 1818 gilded Transformation Playing Cards. This gilded version, with its blue-edged cards, radiates a rare brilliance, merging the charm of the past with the exclusivity of today's collector's items.

  • Limited edition gilded edges: A high-end feature with only 432 gilded decks released.
  • Blue gilt edge: Adds a touch of sophistication and standout aesthetic to your card games.
  • Printed by the USPCC: Ensuring top-quality material and durability with their signature "Air-Cushion Finish."
  • Symmetrical backs with metallics: The card backs are printed with light-catching metallic inks for an enchanting look.
  • Design integrity: True to the 1818 originals, maintaining the historic essence and value.
  • Cultural journey: Each card is a doorway to the past, reflecting a time of rich artistic expression and social change.
  • Inclusive of three Jokers: Enhancing gameplay and collectible value with additional "Jester Fool Cards."
Indulge in the confluence of art and history with this deck that stands as a symbol of cultural richness and collective memory.

2023 release