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AM FM DECK RED by Michael Breggar
AMFM )  Trick
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"Definitely one of my favorite forcing decks. It is much more than that, and serves as a true tool to take your magic to another place. Includes several additional effects that could sell as stand-alone effects. Great bargain..!" -Magic Roadshow, Reviewer

Full Review
The perfect forcing deck for working pros and a few cons.

The spectator calls a number and deals down to that card... it is the card you predicted! Or, they just start dealing until they wish to stop. It's the predicted card. Or... well, you get the point.

Here's the thing.... they call the number, they remove the deck from the box and they start dealing. It ends on the force card. And then, you show that any other number would have brought them to different cards.

No static at all. It's Michael Breggar's "AM/FM Deck"