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Sun and Moon Mystery by Mr. Magic
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The performer shows a cutout of cloud. The door of the cloud is opened and a disc representing sun/ moon is found. The performer then displays an empty double compartment case, with two cloud painted doors on front. The sun is removed from the cutout and placed inside one compartment of the case. The doors are closed. The case is tilted, and the front door to that compartment is opened. The sun is seen in that compartment. The door is closed and the audience is asked to remember where the sun is. The box is tilted, and the front door to that compartment is opened. The sun is seen to have vanished. The audience is not impressed, because they have heard the sun slide to the opposite compartment. They ask the magician to open the door to the other compartment. The magician closes the door to the first compartment then tilts the box, then opens the doors to the adjacent compartment to show that it is empty.

This business of sliding sun from one compartment to the other is repeated, till the audience is howling for both the doors to be opened.

Finally, the magician opens both doors, and proves the disc has in fact vanished. The sun is finally found rising from behind the cloud cut out.