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Vending Machine (DVD and Gimmicks) by SansMinds Creative Lab
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Change one beverage into another in a blink!
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"Vending machine allows you to hyper visually change one bottle of soda for another. This is fast, magical and totally unexpected." -Magic Orthodoxy, Reviewer

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In 2015, our genius friend, Julio Montoro from Spain, released Pop Change. We loved the concept so much that we never stopped exploring it for the past 3 years. After having taken the concept through countless real world performances, it has evolved into something that does much more incredible things. If you like magic with everyday objects, you've gotta check this out!

Once you learn the concept of Vending Machine, you can use it with multiple applications such as dual change, liquid drink to solid item, split drinks, and much more. Check out the trailer now and be amazed!

What you receive:

- 1 gimmick package (both Coke and energy drink designs are included)
- 1 instructional DVD

TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact SansMinds for TV rights.