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FADEAWAY by Chris Philpott
R: $25.00

Stemming from the classic Mental Photography Deck by Ralph W. Hull, now instead of an instant change from regular cards to blanks, the cards seem to fade away like a movie special effect. Roughly 3 seconds of visual magic! The online instructions come with very easy handling and contain routines and ideas from Chris Philpott, Steve Valentine, Apollo Robbins, Paul Green, Michael Rangel, and Tom Frank.
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"All the sleights are easy to do because of the ‘nature’ of the gimmick so you can do a triple lift without worrying. Paul Green has an amazing tip which enables you to clearly show the front and back of a printed card. It’s extremely clever and one of the best tips on the tutorial. Also included are a few extra cards including a ‘gag’ card." -Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine
"You've just taken the best trick deck in the world and made it better!"
- David Regal

"I absolutely love this! It's fantastic! Amazing!"
- Steve Valentine

"Fresh and visual! Chris has created a serious piece of eye candy. I imagine that, for the first hour or so, you'll do the trick for yourself over and over - and amaze yourself over and over."
- John Bannon

"Looks super cool!"
- Jon Armstrong

Imagine a deck of cards S-L-O-W-L-Y fading from normal to totally blank!

Ralph W. Hull's Mental Photography Deck is considered one of, if not THE greatest tricks decks of all time. Now Chris Philpott (creator of The 100th Monkey) has modernized it to create a slow-motion, hyper - visual transformation from a normal to a blank deck!

There are a number of different routines, such as starting with a blank deck, starting with a real one and even finding a wrong card (Error 404: Card Not Found) which causes the deck to crash, leaving only their chosen card!

Easy to do!

No sleight of hand needed!

Detailed video instructions.

Bonus: short videos that teach some easy-to-learn sleights that you can add to the routine, taught by Steve Valentine, Apollo Robbins, Paul Green, Michael Rangel and Tom Frank.

"The classic version of this trick was one of my favorites. Chris has given me a reason to do it again with new thinking and new effects that could never have been done before. And it's no longer the one trick you get out of the box - Chris has developed even more effects that you can do with this one deck of cards. Where was this when I was a kid? I'm glad it's here now!"
- Johnathan Levit