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The Bit Coin Gold (3 coin set and Online Instructions) by SansMinds
R: $19.95
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"These coins are fantastic. They feel and weigh the same as a regular half US dollar and any coin tricks you use with half dollars you can now use with a great looking BIT COIN. These are incredibly well designed and feel and work just like a regular coin. The design really does look like something somebody might put out as mint. The premise of using a BIT COIN is modern and actually becomes more of an international coin or currency. They come in either silver or gold and you also receive a full hour tutorial on coin magic. The video covers everything from vanishes, appearances to a few tricks. While it is designed for the beginner aI know any level of coin magician will get something from it. As far as a tutorial goes this one is extremely well done. Pretty much what you are purchasing are the three coins, which also come in a nice case to keep them protected when not using them. Sans Minds have produced an extremely high end product at a great price. I would like to see them make a shell for this in the future if there is a demand because I think this has a lot of potential to become a standard coin magicians use in their magic." -Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine
In the past, coin magic always lacked fascinating stories unlike card magic or any kind of magic.

The introduction of coins has always been more or less awkward and out of place. The most we were able to do is to say nothing or talk about "grandpa's coins" at the beginning of coin tricks.

We show people coin magic without many introductions. We often perform coin magic without invitations.

Until now.

With BitCoin, all you have to do is merely show people this coin and talk about this fascinating object and subject. While talking about the coin, just mention that you can do some magic tricks. Then people will be more than eager to watch you perform your incredible coin magic.

Bitcoin is the best way to get people to want to see your coin magic. No more awkward coin appearances and no more lies like "my grandpa gave it to me."

We have also included "How to do coin magic" for free with the purchase of the 3-coin set.