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Mimic (DVD and Gimmick) by SansMinds Creative Lab
R: $29.95

Looks like a camera trick! Tear a corner pip off a spectator's card and turn that corner into a FULL SIZE card, in your SPECTATOR'S HAND!
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"I think this looks brilliant." -David Penn, Wizard Product Reviews

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Who says a visual puzzle can't be an amazing trick? Mimic is a visual card effect that can be performed beyond language barriers.

The premise is simple. Tear any pips off any card, restructure its molecules, and visually turn that little corner into a full-size card that you desire, IN YOUR SPECTATOR'S HAND.

It's visual, it's illogical, and it fools people so bad, it makes them cry for help!

Mimic comes with a professionally manufactured gimmick that will last you a lifetime. Fool them now, worldwide.