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VERSA Playing Cards by Occupied Cards and Takyon Cards
CARDSVERSA )  Playing Cards
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The Ace of Spades is a giant pip, from which three splashes of vibrant colour emerge as lines right to the border on one side. The Jokers and ad cards bring to mind CMYK test strips, and remind us to "enjoy and relax". And isn't that exactly what cardistry is all about? USPCC printing ensures that we won't be disappointed once we blend both tradition and innovation, whether it is with card flourishing or any other use we might put these cards to. -Ender's Game Review, Reviewer

Full Review
VERSA Playing Cards is the second installment in OxT's VICE//VERSA series of cardistry decks. Featuring a one-way design for diverse packet cuts and a vibrant CMYK color palette, VERSA Playing Cards is sure to please cardists and collectors alike.