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Magicians Insurance Card by Vinny Sagoo
R: $19.95

A great twist on an old classic where you don’t even need a pack of cards! Full routine included where you can name the spectator’s thought-of-card in a funny way. Easy to do and fully examinable.
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"Now you can carry this classic of magic in your wallet anywhere you go. This is propless mentalism that is both humorous and magical" -Magic Orthodoxy, Reviewer

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A great twist on an old classic... but this time you DON'T even need a pack of cards!

A spectator is asked to think of any card in a deck and then proceed with a few easy calculations. The magician gets the card wrong a couple of times, brings out the Magicians Insurance Card and tells a few silly gags, before naming the spectator's thought-of card!
  • Easy to do
  • Fully examinable
  • Full routine included
  • Made from quality PVC card
  • No playing cards required
  • Packs small, plays BIG
BONUS - If you want to perform this effect the old-fashioned way, just force any card, and then use the Magicians Insurance Card for the gags and reveal.