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Animal Tarot (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by The Other Brothers
R: $25.00

A coincidence effect that is great for all ages with animals, colors and a puzzle. It's a no-sleight trick with a big surprise reveal.
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"Even if you buy this for the method of having a card selected from one to ten and use this for something else it is extremely well worth it. The routine is fun, original and very different. I’m having loads of fun performing this for friends and can’t wait to take it out to a regular gig." -Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine
A fantastic coincidence effect that is great for all ages. Animals, colors and a puzzle. It's a no-sleight trick with a big surprise reveal. Check out the video and you'll see how it all comes together.

You show the faces and backs of a packet of oversized cards and state, "Think of a number between one and ten, and I'll deal exactly that number of cards on the table, face up." Any number is named (no force) and the dealing begins. You stop when that number of cards is dealt. You show the selection.

The cards are turned over and pieced together. And guess what? The design magically matches the name of the animal they selected earlier!

Coincidence or is it magic? That's the fun of Animal Tarot. It's by the Other Brothers, so you know it's clever, practical and easy to do. In fact, it's so easy to do that the spectator can even deal the cards themselves!

Includes Animal Tarot cards and online instructions.