Magic Tricks Playing Cards
The Executive Grid by Paul McCaig and Luca Volpe Productions
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A self-contained and in your sight way to perform the Magic Square.
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"In the past, if you did not memorize the mathematical formula, it was common to have a cheat sheet palmed in your hand, attached to the marker, or secretly written on the notepad. Sometimes those would get lost or misplaced, or smudged, making it difficult to read. “The Executive Grid” eliminates those issues, and at the same time making the entire effect easier to manage." -David Oliver, Genii Magazine
Everyone knows the power punch that a Magic Square delivers to an audience. Here's a way to conveniently perform the effect with more confidence, in many situations.

The Executive Grid is a specially designed, 110mm x 150mm, 16 cell grid, 4 x 4 Magic Square. It's been printed onto a handy-sized dry-wipe board, which will sit nicely in your pocket or as a perfect accompaniment to a corporate folio. But the real unique feature lies in the simple-to-follow crib, which is cleverly disguised in the mathematical formulae border design... no need for super human memory recall... no more hard-to-decipher crib stuck to your magic marker or notepad... no more embarrassing mind-blank or confusion... all is self-contained and in plain sight.

Ideal for close-up, corporate, trade-show and walk around performances.

Includes: The Executive Grid, marker, and online instructions.