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PyroPlastic: Ember 4 Sheets 197 mm by 127 mm (Gimmicks and Online Instructions)
R: $19.50

4 different versions to create the exact fire illusion you are looking for. Clear, Ember, Sparkle and Green Flame.
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"use a bit of plastic that’s already in play, say, the cellophane from your card case, and set it ablaze as a visual element to punctuate a “moment of magic.” This, as opposed to removing a bit of unjustified paper from your pocket or wallet. " -David Regal, Reviewer
Nothing gets your audience's attention like visual magic. Now we're taking visual to a whole new level with PyroPlastic: Ember.

Created by Jared Manley, a special effects wizard behind Dr. Who, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and Sherlock, PyroPlastic: Ember is a flash product with a twist - it produces firefly-like embers as it vanishes into flame and ashes. It's a unique kick that will catch your audience completely off-guard!
  • Comes complete with four ember burning PyroPlastic: Ember sheets (197mm x 127mm).
  • No residue, harmful chemicals, or lingering vapors!
This is fiery misdirection with a smoldering kick. Turn up the heat, with PyroPlastic!

***Variations of PyroPlastic sold separately***