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The Gentleman Jack Gimmick (DVD and Online Instructions) by RAR
R: $69.00

A Himber wallet with a switching function, cleverly disguised as a standard hip wallet.
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"This wallet is easy to use. There have been hip-sized Himber Wallets on the market before. But, I’ve not seen one in at least 10 years. So if the size appeals to you, this is an excellent utility device to have in your arsenal for switching envelopes, cards, and predictions written on paper or Post-it Notes." -Danny Orleans, Genii Magazine
In 2016, Alakazam Magic purchased the rights to a majority of Roy Roth's (RAR MAGIC) back catalogue.

The first item to really catch their eye from this large product array was the amazing Gentleman Jack Gimmick.

The basis of the gimmick is a Himber wallet with a switching function, but the wallet is cleverly disguised as a standard-looking hip pocket wallet (this is the first time we have seen a Himber in this style, and we love it!) But not only that -- The Gentleman Jack also works as an Add a Number Pad and makes for the perfect hideout for your cribs! So, if you are performing a book test, you never need to remember the words. With this cunning device, they are always there for you.

The Gentleman Jack Gimmick has been expertly crafted in leather. It comes complete with a tutorial DVD and our now-famous registration code, which will give you access to any future routines, handlings or tips for the wallet absolutely FREE of charge!

This amazing wallet is truly a step ahead any other Himber-Style wallet we have seen.

You'll perform miracles with this!