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Sweet Penetration by Jibrizy Taylor
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An organic everyday miracle with a solid through solid illusion using two ordinary objects you can find anywhere.
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"If you do any type of walk-about or restaurant magic, or just want something to fool friends and family on a night out you can’t go wrong with this. This is something I’m going to carry with me every-time I leave the house to meet friends. A great little trick that might just be one of the best by Sans Minds." -Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine
Imagine you get a spectator to grab a pack of sugar off the table, sign it, and then hold it at her fingertips.

You then take a borrowed, signed coin, and with no funny business, you simply toss the signed coin toward the sugar pack.

The moment the coin hits the packet, it melts straight into it. Your spectator gets to see the magic. She gets to hear the magic. Better yet, she gets to FEEL the coin passing through the wrapper, and dropping inside to join the sugar.

The sugar packet is then torn open and everything is left in your spectator's hand for the impossible moment to sink in.

This, is Sweet Penetration

*Easy set up
*Works with any small paper packet

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