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Pierce (DVD only) by Jibrizy Taylor and SansMinds
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This is similar to the best-selling effect, Skycap but on steroids! With seconds of preparation, you can use an ordinary water bottle, you can perform a two phase cap penetration.
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"...if you like the idea of performing a fast penetration effect with a water bottle in casual situations, you may want to check this one out." -Wayne Kawamoto,

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Passing solid through solid is a classic and powerful magic illusion. When it's applied on an everyday water bottle that your spectator gets to keep, it's that much more powerful and organic.

Pierce is the famous Skycap on steroid! From the mind of Jibrizy Taylor, his contemporary attempt in achieving a cap penetration effect has made this beautiful illusion possible. With just seconds of preparation using a cheap and ordinary water bottle, you can perform a two phase visual penetration routine.

This is a piece of knowledge that every magician should equip in their arsenal. A contemporary visual effect with just seconds of preparation. Check it out!

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