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At the Table Live Lecture Bobby Maverick October 7th 2015 video DOWNLOAD
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"This is an excellent lecture on street performing and buskering. It is not a mere collection of tricks. It is a master class on how to perform as a street perfomer and a busker, filled iwth real life tips and psychological nuiances that will make you become a succesful street entertainer. Watching this lecture you will make money as a street entertainer. " -Michael Siegel,

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With over 25 years of performing experience, Bobby Maverick brings his real world knowledge and practice to an At The Table Experience. As a street performer and traveling Busker, Bobby has been in virtually any situation imaginable. He's been battle hardened on streets all over the globe and knows how to get a crowd eating out of the palm of his hand. Join us as we take a look deeper in to his craft and wealth of knowledge, you'll definitely have something here for your next event!