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Fishing by UnderMagic
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"I really like this, it’s very organic, makes a lot of sense and uses something every kid owns. " -Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine
The classic effect of borrowing a card reinvented by G Alexander for the 21st Century. The magician comes in listening to his favorite music on his headphones. A spectator chooses a card and loses it again. The entire deck of cards fall into a backpack and it's shaken to mix the cards up. Now, the magician removes his headphones and inserts the cable into the backpack. After a few seconds, the magician pulls out the cable revealing to everyone's surprise that the cord is knotted around a card which turns out to be the chosen card.

Each gimmick has been manufactured by hand in our workshop and the method is so ingenious that you'll love it. The pack includes everything you need to make the effect and you can do it with a CD, pens, cards and nearly any object you can think of. A true miracle that is so easy to perform you will always carry it around. This download is in Spanish with English subtitles.

El clásico efecto de la carta pescada reinventado por G Alexander para el siglo XXI. El mago entra en escena escuchando su música favorita en sus cascos. Un espactador elige una carta y la pierde de nuevo. Se deja caer toda la baraja dentro de una mochila y se agita para mezclar las cartas. Ahora el mago se quita los cascos, introduce el extremo del jack dentro de la mochila y pasados unos segundos tira de él revelando para sorpresa de todos que el cable está anudado alrededor de una carta que resulta ser la egida.

Cada gimmick ha sido fabricado artesanalmente en nuestro taller, y el método es tan ingenioso que te encantará. El pack incluye todo lo necesario para realizar el efecto, y podrás hacerlo con CD, rotuladores, bolas, cartas y casi cualquier objeto que se te ocurra. Un verdadero milago muy fácil de hacer que querrás llevar siempre encima.