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At the Table Live Lecture - Greg Wilson 8/27/2014
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Gregory Wilson is another extraordinarily skilled performer. His lecture which lasts over three hours, is a mix of tricks and improvisation. The improv is mostly pickpocket work- and there is a lot of it- but there are lessons for "regular magic" to be learned from watching his approach. -Dustin Stinett, Genii Magazine
Greg Wilson finishes out the month with a literal BANG. He produces a bottle of champagne out of a folded paper bag, but don't let the party atmosphere fool you, Greg Wilson knows what he is talking about! He reaches deep into the depths of his personal magic journal and brings you material that he has kept to himself for almost 20 years. Greg also does a full 45 minutes on pick-pocketing and watch stealing. He covers a few of his marketed effects, some great marketing ideas to help you get your show rolling, and much more.
  • Party Bag
  • CHC
  • Pitch & Ditch
  • A Lesson on Pickpocketing
  • Ring Side
  • The Watch Steal
  • Exact Change
  • Questionable Trick
  • Stick Shift
  • Bic Lighter Color Change
  • Performance: Revolution
  • Card Peek
  • Card in Box
  • Stunt Double
  • Las Vegas Split
  • Performance: Head Trip