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Smudged (DVD and Gimmick) by John Horn And Alakazam Magic
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"A clever use of a Sharpie pen and if you perform any card routine where you get a spectator to sign a card then you might as well use this pen." -Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine
John Horn has created the most visual Sharpie revelation ever. Taking the standard Sharpie revelation and turning it on its head creating a moment of instant visual impact!

Imagine being able Smudge the Sharpie logo to form the name of a selected playing card and now imagine being able to repeat this amazing & magical feat!

Your Smudged pack comes with two specially printed real Sharpie markers and a full instructional DVD.

John Horn's Smudged is an effect you will always carry with you always and remember because Smudged is made from a real Sharpie the Smudged gimmick can be in play way before the routine actually starts.

Full Instructional DVD Included

Easy To Perform

Visual Changes

TWO Custom Printed Smudged Revelation Sharpies