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Metallic Deck Set (Limited Edition) by Mechanic Industries
METALLICSET_LIM )  Playing Cards
R: $29.95
Difficulty:No Skill Required

Marvel at the Shimmer Deck, but this is the only way to get the very limited Glimmer Deck! Only 2500 will EVER be printed.
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"With the Mechanic series of decks, Mechanic Industries has come up with some terrific ideas, and injected some real life into card magic. These aren't just ordinary decks of cards, but have some real secrets and possibilities built into them." -Ender's Game Review, Reviewer

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This very limited edition set has been created to celebrate Mechanic Industries' 5th birthday in 2017. We have gone all out with fully stacked tuck cases embossed and wrapped with foil inside and out. Cards have metallic Pantone inks on both the backs and faces. The reflective nature of the card boxes can be leveraged to sneakily peek at what card is being dealt! The Glimmer and Shiner Decks feel great straight out of the box, printed by USPCC on high quality Bicycle stock with Magic finish. Only 2,500 Glimmer Decks will EVER be printed, and are available exclusively as part of this set.

  • 1 Glimmer Deck and 1 Shiner Deck
  • Flip-book animation and marking system
  • Gold, Silver, and Red Metallic Pantone inks with black
  • Joker gaffs compatible with Mechanic Industries' Grinder coins
  • Luxurious embossed tuck case with silver foil inside and out; can help you peek at cards
  • Printed by USPCC on Bicycle stock with Magic finish
Flip-book animated marked deck

Both decks use Mechanic Industries' trademark flip book animation. It works much the same as the Mechanic Deck and VR2 Deck, with some subtle adjustments. In this repeating 13 card back design system, the way the cogs turn allows the user to read the value each card. The suit indicator has now been enhanced and is simple to read. Your spectators will never suspect you can recognize any card at a glance.